Fix thermostat own hands

Suppose, you there thermostat. Served it to you some time. Here unexpectedly now - and it fails. what to do in such situation? Just, about this problem we tell in current article.
It is quite possible it seem unusual, however for a start sense ask himself: does it make sense fix its thermostat? may logical will purchase new? Inclined considered, sense learn, how is a new thermostat. For it enough consult with consultant profile shop or make appropriate inquiry finder.
If you still decided own do repair, then the first thing need get information how repair thermostat. For these objectives one may use any finder, let us say, bing or rambler, or view issues magazines "Home workshop", "Himself master", "Home master" and etc., or create a topic on appropriate community or forum.
I think you do not nothing spent their efforts and this article least little could help you make fix thermostat. In the next article I will tell how repair power supply or the catalyst.