Out of order injection pump?

You do not know fix smash injection pump? You have got where it is necessary. In general, about this you read in article.
Many think, that repair injection pump - it enough elementary it. However this in fact not quite so. Many cubs pretty strongly wrong, underestimating complexity this business. But only not stand panic. Permit this question us help patience and Agility.
First there meaning find service workshop by fix injection pump. This can be done using any finder, eg, yandex, site free classified ads or any community. If price services for fix would afford - believe problem solved. If price services for repair would can not afford - then will be forced to repair injection pump own.
If you decided their forces repair, then first need get info how do fix injection pump. For these objectives has meaning use finder, eg, yahoo, or view old binder magazines like "Skilled master".
Hope this article least little will help you solve this question.
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